Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Discusses Usefulness of Guided Biofilm Therapy for Improved Dental Hygiene

Employing state-of-the-art technology in his own practice, Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta shares below how Guided Biofilm Therapy means improvements for dentists and patients.

Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta keeps up with changes in dental health by stocking sophisticated machinery in his office and attending training seminars and presentations to better his craft. He recently adopted the use of biofilm therapy within his practice. A recent improvement in the approach to plaque removal, guided biofilm therapy (GBT) introduces air polishing as a way to remove biofilm, or the sticky film of plaque on teeth before scaling.

“This has the power to reduce the amount of scaling which needs to be performed by a professional,” says Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta. “And that cuts down on discomfort, cost, and procedure time overall.”

Erythritol powder is often used during GBT as a safe stain remover, which is effective thanks to anti-cariogenic and antibiofilm properties that other powders (such as glycine) don’t have. This powder has also proven to hinder bacteria growth while being less abrasive than other powders currently in use.

However, Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta tells us that glycine and other powders are still effective products and each has unique benefits.

“Glycine is great for patients who may be allergic or especially sensitive to sugar alcohols,” says Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta. “More abrasive powders such as sodium bicarbonate can be used to lift heavy stains but can be harmful to those with implants. Because of their difference in particle size and abrasion, among other details, the range of available powders in GBT can tackle almost any individual case.”

Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta has witnessed how a portion of dental implants tend to fail within a decade of being placed. One of the major causes, he tells us, is peri-implantitis or a disease-causing gum inflammation that can alter the bone structure around implants. Removing biofilm, which can dramatically decrease the likelihood of bacteria buildup, can be difficult when it comes to implants. But Dr. Roach believes power scalers and air polishing devices, like those used in GBT, offer sophisticated solutions.

“One of the other significant benefits of using air polishing to remove biofilm before attempting any scaling is the reduced fatigue on professionals’ hands and wrists,” says Dr. Frank Roach dentists Atlanta. “Ergonomically, this makes all the difference in the world to dentists who must apply consistent force and precision with control. Some professionals who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders are likely to see this as a tremendous improvement from standard processes.”

With decreased pain in the hands, wrists, neck, shoulder, and back, dentists like Dr. Roach are able to deliver expert care with greater confidence and ability thanks to breakthroughs in GBT.

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